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Shri Hariraiji Mahaprabhuji

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Tibari Star
Tibari Star

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:06 am    Post subject: Shri Hariraiji Mahaprabhuji Reply with quote

Jai Shri Krishna/Jai Jai Shri Gokulesh

Khoob Hardik Mangal Badhais for Shri Hariraiji Mahaprabhuji's pragatya utsav

Shri Hariraiji Mahaprabhu (s.v.1647) was a great Acharya of the second house. He was the grandson of Shri Govindraiji (s.v.1599) and son of Shri Bade Kalyanraiji (s.v.1625).

Shri Hariraiji possessed supernatural powers and was capable of performing miracles. Many were witness to these magical moments. He was a greatly devotional Acharya. Lord Shrinathji would appear before him and express his wishes.

Shri Hariraiji had extreme respect for vaishnavas and understood Hari, guru and vaishnava to be a single entity. He wrote many texts, commentaries, the fourty-one letters (Shikshapatra) etc which are still used as the basis of satsang in vaishnava gatherings.

In several sacred places he held Bhagavat readings for a week at a time. These places later on became known as his seats, bethakjis. Those who go there with humility and devotion experience his presence.

These are the locations of the seven seats of Shri Hariraiji Mahaprabhu:



The first seat of Shri Hariraiji Mahaprabhu is situated in Shrimad Gokul, just by the old Shri Vitthalnathji temple. Shri Hariraiji is believed to eternally preside there. This seat is where secret spiritual discussions with Harjivandas (a vaishnava) were held. Here Shri Hariraiji wrote a commentary on “Nirodhlakshana” and held week-long recitations of the Shrimad Bhagwat. All who attended experienced unlimited bliss.
This seat is presently owned by Dwitiya Peethadhish 1008 Shri KaALYANRAIJI MAHARAJSHRI .Nathdwara-indore) It is the birthplace of Acharya Shri Hariraiji Mahaprahu as well. Acharyas from the lineage of Shri Vallabhacharya may make offerings there and vaishnavas may also partake in the worship of the seat. Accommodations on the premises can be arranged for vaishnavas.


The second seat of Shri Hariraiji Mahaprabhu is located at the Shuddhadwait Shri Vallabhacharya Dwitiya Peeth Shri Vitthalnathji temple across from Preetampol (Shrinathji’s temple) in Nathdwara (Raj).
Presently this seat is owned by Jagadguru Dwitiya Pithadhish Shri KALYANRAIJI MAHARAJSHRI (Nathdwara, Indore). At this bhethakji vaishnavas may only have darshan and make offerings. Vaishnavas may find accommodations at the Shri Vitthalnathji cottage, an adjoining guesthouse.
At this seat Acharyashri used to daily speak on the Shrimad Bhagwat. Cnce, a devotee (Harjivandas), asked a question about the “venugeet”. Shri Hariraiji then gave a commentary on the “venugeet” for three days continuously. The vaishnavas were thus drenched with the nectar of “bhagwatbhav”. During those three days the vaishnavas were unaware of their body or their senses. They all attained eternal bliss.


The third seat of Shri Hariraiji Mahaprabhu is situated in the village of Khimnor (Raj) on the main road. It is 30km from Nathdwara on the way to “haldi ghati”. There are various means of transportation available from Nathdwara to Khimnor.

Presently this seat is owned by Dwitiya Pithadhish Shri KALYANRAIJI MAHARAJSHRI (Nathdwara-Indore). Vaishnavas who come to Nathdwara usually don’t miss the opportunity to pay respects to the seat and partake in the worship and make offerings. Acharyas of the Vallabh lineage may worship and make offerings. The Dwitiya gruha nidhi, Prabhu Shri Vitthalnathji was also served by Shri Hariraiji in Khimnor which gives this seat great importance to those vaishnavas who have deep respect and devotion towards Shri Hariraiji.

This seat was the permanent residence of Shri Hariraiji after Shri Nathji moved to the area from Vraj. As Khimnor is close to Nathdwara, Shri Hariraiji was able to make frequent visits to Nathdwara for Shri Nathji’s daily worship. Chariots, an elephant and horses etc were always kept ready as Prabhu Shri Nathji could express his will and wishes at any time.


One time “Shri Vallabhji”, son of Shri Balkrishnaji, forgot to unfold the cushioned path that leads to Shri Nathji’s resting chamber after Rajbhog Aarti. Shri Hariaiji Mahaprabhu was asleep in Khimnor and in his dreams Shri Nathji expressed that he is standing in the temple waiting for the cushioned path as no one had unfolded it. Suddenly Shri Hariraiji woke up and asked his servant to prepare the chariot. He bathed in the Banas River and entered Nathdwara. He fetched the keys to the temple from Tilakayat Shri Dauji Maharaj and blew the conch shell. He went into the nij mandir (inner sanctum), laid out the cushioned path, bowed and locked the temple upon leaving. He then kindly instructed the presiding young Tilakayat to be very careful in worship.


Acharya Shri Hariraiji Mahaprabhu spoke on the Shrimad Bhagwat daily. Once, a princess who regularly attended his presentations began to experience impure desires toward him. Shri Hariraiji was more than eighty years old at the time and had supernatural powers. He recognized her impure thoughts and then by way of his grace he appeared to the princess as mother Yashoda feeding her child Krishna. The princess was surprised and was reminded that there is no place for worldly desires in the path of devotion. Shri Hariraiji then taught her “Kamakhyadosha Vivaranam” which preserves the concept that worldly lust is an obstruction in the path of devotion and should be renounced.

Best Wishes
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Tibari Star
Tibari Star

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 12:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jai shri krushna / Jai shri vitthal...

Khoob khoob hardik mangal badhai.
Namo Vallabhadhish pad kamal yugale
Sada vastu mamah hridayam, vividh bhaav ras valitam.
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