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SRI KAPILA SANKHYA YOGA explained by Shri Sukha Muni

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Vasant Punjabi

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 7:34 pm    Post subject: SRI KAPILA SANKHYA YOGA explained by Shri Sukha Muni Reply with quote


In srimad Bhagavatam the story of Sri Kapila muni is narrated by Sukha muni to Parikshit Maharaj. This is known as Kapila Gita.
This explains the essence of Bhakthi as expected by Lord Narayana.
Bhakthi Yogam has many phases and interpretation. The outlook of Gnana and Bhakthi depends on the Bhava of people. This Bhava is Governed completely by Prakruti. In Prakruti, Lord Krushna is omni-
Present and with him the Rajho Guna,Tamho Guna and Satvik Guna.
This is known as Vishnu Maya. The whole universe is encapsulated
Under the spell of this Vishnu maya.

Sri Kapila Muni is the incarnation of Lord Narayana himself, born to
Sri Karthama Maharishi and Devahuti. He is recognized in Srimad
Bhagavatam, as the son of Devahuti,as he gives Brahmo Uppathesam
To his mother. He teaches her the science of Sankhya yogam. Hence
We celebrate him as the Father of Sankhya Yogam. Lord Kapila
Explains the genetics of human species to his mother and the art of
Liberating oneself from the clutches of the Tri Gunas ie. Vishnu Maya.
One who gets liberated from the clutches of the Tri Gunas attains

Nir-Guna is also the swaroopa of Lord Narayana. One who attains
This enjoys Eternal Bliss. Lord Kapila explains this as the greatest of
All Sciences to his mother. This science is known as Sankhya Yogam.

The word Yogam denotes the person as the most fortunate as he is
Into the discipline of the creator Himself. Scientifically yogam means
“The cleaning and cleansing of our mind by means of our soul light”.

At present our senses are incapable of seeing God in his spiritual form, because of our material eyes and senses.

Essence of Sri Kapila Avatar
Kapila avatar was taken by Lord Narayana to teach the scientific sankhya yogam to The mankind. Lord Kapila’s first disciple was his Mother Devahuti. The entire process Was aimed at liberation of the individual from their karma and to attain nirvana. The Trigunas are the main force through which the whole universe functions. Man unknowingly becomes a victim of this great force. When he claims that action was Done by him, he undergoes the cause and effect cycle of karma. Thus he is trapped
Inside the viscious circle of Karma. So, according to his Karma he undergoes the Pleasure and pain. Thus the atma of the individual keeps evolving from one janma To another.

Lord Kapila says that prakruti is the medium for cause and effect cycle and the
Individual as the receiver of pleasure and pain. Lord Kapila explains the genetics Of man as follows:

1) Saguna Brahma consists of Pancha Bhootha(Five cosmic elements),Tanmathras (five elements), Anthakarnas(four elements),Indreyas(ten elements ) -- the twenty four elements are Saguna Brahma and the twenty-fifth element being the Kalachakra i.e.,

2) These twenty five elements are Bhagavat Tathva, which is present in each and every living being inside and outside. God’s creation is based on this tathva.

3) The whole creation is from God’s gene, and the Kriya sakthi came into existence from it the Agankhar--the Rajho, tamaho and satvik.

4) The elements of Satvik(thaijas Agankhar) i.e.,Manas ---- Gnanaindreyas( five senses); The elements of Rajho(vaigharika Agankhar) i.e.,Kanmeindreyas( leg,hand,mouth,anal, Womb);
The elements of Tamaho(Bhoothadi Agankhar) i.e.,Tanmathras( hearing,seeing,tasting, Moving,smelling) the action relating to Pancha Bhoothas.

5) The constituents of the Pancha Bhootha, Indreya, Manomaya (Agankhar tattva) is Vishnu Maya.

6) The Devatha Roopam results in Karthiruthuvam(knowledge), Indreya Roopam results in Kar nathuvam(function of organs), Pancha Bhootha Roopam results in Kariyathuvam (Action).

7) The result of Satvik Guna is Santhi(Peace), Rajho Guna is turmoil, Tamaho Guna is Stupidity.

Cool Vaigharika Agankhar gives rise to the Mind, from which came the Sankalppa vikalpa (Desire); Thaijas Agankhar gives rise to the Buddhi, from which came the quest for knowledge of the materialistic world and sense organs;Bhoothadi Agankhar gives rise to Pancha Bhootha tattva(sense organs and its functions are formed ).

9) Before the existence of Mahat tattva,Param atma came with Time, Action and Nature. And then the creation took place.

10) All these elements can only function when there is life, atma, and body. The Atma Is only one and omnipresent in each and every living being. Here Buddhi is attached to Atma, Manas i.e.,mind is attached to sense organs and the Cit is memory.

According to Lord Kapila the process of cleansing of our mind and memory with our soul light is Sankhya Yogam.
Vasant Punjabi.

"Shri Vallabh Shri Vithal Sukh-kari naa-me nishpap thai nur-nari,
------Nitya Lila nitya nautam shruti na pame par."----
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