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Shrimad Bhagwad Gita in short.

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Vasant Punjabi

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 3:48 pm    Post subject: Shrimad Bhagwad Gita in short. Reply with quote

Jai Shri Krishna, The Gist of Gita

Chapter I
"It is because of worldly delusion that a man finds
himself in a dilemma of what to do and what not to do.
Being entangled in this dilemma he loses his sense of
duty. Therefore he should not be overpowered by
delusion or attachment to pleasure"

Chapter II
"The body is perishable while the knower of this fact i.e.
the Self (Soul) is imperishable.
(1) Attaching importance to this discrimination and/or (2)
selfless performance of one's duty - by adopting any one
of these two means, worry and grief are wiped out in the
life of man."

Chapter III
"Only prompt performance of one's duty, without any
interested motive, for the welfare of others, leads to

Chapter IV
"There are two methods to be free from the bondage of
action - (1) performance of action selflessly having
known the truth about actions and/or realisation of the

Chapter V
"A man should not be happy and sad in favourable and
unfavourable circumstances because such a man (who is
happy and sad) cannot rise above the mundane existence
and experience the Supreme Bliss."

Chapter VI
"A man should attain equanimity (even mindedness) by
any spiritual discipline. Without equanimity he cannot be
totally flawless [without change in state]."

Chapter VII
"All is only God. Acceptance of this fact is the best
spiritual discipline."

Chapter VIII
"Whatever a being thinks of at the time of death, he gets
the same form of rebirth. Therefore, a man should always
think of God even while performing all his worldly
duties, so that the thought of God persists at the time of

Chapter IX
"All persons are entitled to realise God, no matter what
caste, creed, community, country, colour, stage of life,
etc. they belong to."

Chapter X
"In the world whatever exception, singularity, speciality,
beauty, glory, importance, intellect, talent, power, etc. is
perceived, by regarding everything as God's only He
should be thought of."

Chapter XI
"By regarding the world as the manifestation of God,
every person can view/ the cosmic form of God."

Chapter XII
"The devotee who dedicates himself with his body,
senses, mind and intellect to God, is dear to Him."

Chapter XIII
"In the world only the essence of God is worth to be
known. Having known Him, immortality is attained."

"In order to be free from the bondage of the world, it is
necessary to transcend the three gunas (modes of nature)
- Sattva (Goodness), Rajas (Passion) and Tama
(Ignorance). A man transcends these three by exclusive

Chapter XV
"The existence of the world is based on God and God is
the Supreme Being in the world. We should accept this
fact and exclusively worship Him."

Chapter XVI
"It is only due to a man's evil deeds and misconduct, that
he goes to and experiences the eighty four lac species of
life and hell, and thus suffers. Therefore, to be free from
the cycle of birth and death, it is necessary to give up
one's evil deeds and misconduct."

Chapter XVII
"A man should remember God and take His name before
starting any good work that he does with respect and

Chapter XVIII
"The gist of all the scriptures are contained in the Vedas,
the gist of all the Vedas are contained in the Upanishads,
gist of all the Upanishads is contained in the Gita, and the
gist of the Gita is take complete refuge in God. Surrender
yourself completely to Him. He who surrenders himself
exclusively to God, is liberated from all sins by God."
Vasant Punjabi.

"Shri Vallabh Shri Vithal Sukh-kari naa-me nishpap thai nur-nari,
------Nitya Lila nitya nautam shruti na pame par."----
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 3:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jai jai shri gokulesh

Excellent posting.........
Shri Vallabha Charan Vina Sharan Koni Jaou.....Shri Vitthala Nam Vina Mantra Kya Thi Paou......Shri Vallabha Charan Vina Sharan Koni Jaou.....
Unnati M. Kadakia
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